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A Beary Cute Birthday!

  • Posted By: Elizabeth Moradi ~ October 11th 10:37 am

Nothing short of a royal birthday for the Royal Twins (@theroyaltwins)! Teddy bears in all sizes adorned this beautiful birthday party at the girls home in Calabasas. Guests were greeted by a couple of cute bears holding rose gold balloons; and bear paws directed them to the backyard where they could play games, swim, enjoy some ice cream and so much more!

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Garden Dinner Party

  • Posted By: Elizabeth Moradi ~ May 10th 4:28 pm

Eight candlelit tables surrounding a large stone fountain were the focal point of this beautiful dinner party. Nude tablescapes allowed for the florals to really stand out and over 80 tapered candles lit the night sky as dinner was served. My clients front yard is surrounded by lush greenery and it was the absolute perfect setting for ivories and golds.

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Backyard Birthday

  • Posted By: Elizabeth Moradi ~ April 17th 10:45 pm

A beautiful set table and a lounge area poolside? What else would you want to create that birthday vibe?
Pre-covid my 40th was going to be a huge deal for sure. I wanted to either go on a big trip or have a huge lavish party. But as it got closer with no signs of the pandemic situation improving, I knew I had to think of something else.

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Let’s Design a Haftseen Table

  • Posted By: Elizabeth Moradi ~ March 18th 2:37 am

With the first day of spring only days away, it‚Äôs time to set the traditional haftseen table for Nowruz, or Persian New Year! The ‚Äėhaft-seen‚Äô (seven ‚Äúseens‚ÄĚ) is a beautiful spread of at least seven symbolic items that begin with the ‚Äús‚ÄĚ sound. I wanted a slightly rustic look this year so I incorporated a lot of woods, browns and golds in my haftseen. Light and bright fresh florals add a nice contrast to the dark colors, and I used crystal vases and dishes to add an additional element of disparity.

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